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trinity of sardines

Today however what is most significant of all that permeates the several orders of magnitude is this: I have arranged before me a plate upon which I have intentionally placed three sardines.
This particular phenomenological configuration describes for me the essentials by which I am informed of Simplicity and Functionality in the formatting of a virtually closed-system.
By the introduction and potential implementation of additional coordinates (e.g., mustard, black pepper, knife, napkin, fork), I have effectively rendered Variation and Contingency into aforesaid complex. The outstanding factors of potential turbulence I find to be purely relative, but which may include an initially abrasive emanation affecting olfactorial sensoria.
Atmospheric adjustments, initiated through the administration of certain aerosol fluorocarbons (in Exciting! New! Potpourri, Tangy Citrus and Evergreen scents), may somewhat moderate this particular nuance. Aside from such subjective considerations however, I appear nevertheless to have manufactured before me the very fabric of a more or less self-contained, though admittedly temporal, multiplex of cosmological harmony.